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And yet another one

Before embarking on their TOUR 2016 “YELLOW” IN EUROPE, the girls of SCANDAL answered to a few questions regarding their new album, touring internationally, and their 10th anniversary this year. Not going too much into detail, the girls offered a good impression of their strength and sweet joyfulness by making the positive vibe of YELLOW equally tangible in their friendly answers as it is in the upbeat compositions.

YELLOW Album and European Tour

EN.CORE: Yellow is a bright color, suiting the positive vibe of your music. What does yellow stand for in your point of view and how did you come up with this title?
Rina: When we finished the album, we’ve found it happy and funky. It is very cheerful and positive. Our image of the album is exactly the color YELLOW. It is also the message that we are Japanese girls band anyway.

EN.CORE: Within the past 10 years you are active in the Japanese music scene, what has changed the most?
Tomomi: The number of girls bands has increased. There are the girls who were influenced by us also.
EN.CORE: And as you are touring in Asia, America, and Europe on a rather regular basis, what has changed internationally?
Haruna: Internet and SNS has allowed more opportunities to know the music all over the world. That’s why we can do our shows all over the world. I think one of the greatest changes is that the artistes themselves can transmit their information directly via YouTube and SNS.

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Wanda Proft

Wanda Proft

Graphic designer, photographer, and author. She is devoted to explore and explain the traditional as well as contemporary culture of Japan, may it be patterns and motives, traveling to exceptional places, or the Rock and Metal scene. (Picture by TatsueLi.)