FAKE ISLAND Europe Tour 2019

FAKE ISLAND are getting ready for their first European tour. The female-fronted Metalcore / Hardcore band from Tokyo comes with an energetic set that will make your summer even hotter! For an exciting mixture of heavy music, they invited the Okinawan cyberpunkers High Tech Low Life and Belgian Mathcore headbangers post- to join the party. We are inviting you to the ›FAKE ISLAND Europe Tour 2019‹ with nine dates in four countries!


FAKE ISLAND formed in early 2017. After drummer Reiji, who has been active in the New York band scene, returned to Japan, the Metalcore / Hardcore formation FAKE ISLAND set the goal to turn Japan upside down with their impregnable sound. The female vocalist duo cut the air with Erica’s growls and YuuriBjoux’ clear vocals, backed up by the overwhelming sound of guitarist Matsumoto, new bassist Igarashi, and Reiji.
With their band name, FAKE ISLAND hints towards their home country Japan with false promises of politics and media. In September 2017, the band released their first, self-titled mini album ›FAKE ISLAND‹. Currently working on their next album, which will be released in autumn, they’ve just put out three of their news songs with the single ›Thrown Down‹ on July 19th, 2019. Constantly crushing domestic stages, FAKE ISLAND is now set out to conquer Europe.

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Wanda Proft

Wanda Proft

Graphic designer, photographer, and author. She is devoted to explore and explain the traditional as well as contemporary culture of Japan, may it be patterns and motives, traveling to exceptional places, or the Rock and Metal scene. (Picture by TatsueLi.)