SCANDAL – New Single “Fuzzy” Out Now

SCANDAL kick off Japan’s festival season with “Fuzzy“, the first digital-only release from the internationally acclaimed band since forming their own label “her”. “Fuzzy” is out now on all major digital platforms for download and streaming and sees the quartet reunite with JPU Records for distribution and promotion in Europe and North America. Download, stream and add it to your playlists now by clicking here.

Since forming in 2006 while still in high school, SCANDAL have become guitar-pop heroes in their native land of Japan. They’ve rocked charts with every album entering the national charts at position five or higher as well as topping iTunes charts around the world, they’ve become fashion icons and launched their own brand “Feedback”, and they’ve been credited as inspiring a generation of young women to pick up and play musical instruments in Japan.

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Wanda Proft

Wanda Proft

Graphic designer, photographer, and author. She is devoted to explore and explain the traditional as well as contemporary culture of Japan, may it be patterns and motives, traveling to exceptional places, or the Rock and Metal scene. (Picture by TatsueLi.)